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In the book The Outsiders, the slang term for a gun is heater.

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Q: What is greaser slang for a gun in the book The Outsiders?
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What is a heater in the book The Outsiders?

in the book a heater was a gun

What did they call a gun in the book the outsiders?


What are the slang words in The Outsiders?

"a weed"* = cigarettes "heater" = gun "rumble" = a fight between two gangs "greaser" = the kids on the poor side of town who wear blue jeans and T-shirts and like to wear their hair long "Soc" (short for "Social") = the kids on the rich side of town who like to wear bright madras shirts and drive fancy cars *It's important to note that whenever they're talking about "having a weed" in the book, the are NOT talking about the actual drug, it's just slang for cigarettes.

What baseball slang refers to an outfielders outstanding throwing arm?

He has a gun of an arm, so "gun" is the slang word.

What is a heater in slang?

A heater is a gun.

What is slang for carrying a gun?


In The Outsiders what does heater mean?

Heater is a gun

What does heater mean in The Outsiders?

It means a gun

When does dally start carrying a gun?

The Outsiders by SE Hinton-- He had it for most of the book, he just didn't use it until he tricked the cops into shooting him.

What does gun mean in slang?

A gun is any firearm, especially a pistol or revolver.

What are some slang words of the1960's?

When we read The Outsiders which is in the 60's some of the words were: Movie house (movie theater), loner (like to be by yourself), dig it (like it), rumble (fight), cooler (jail), heater (gun), fuzz (cops), and icebox (fridge). By the way The Outsiders was grouse!

What is slang for hand gun?

" heat"( heater also)

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