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Q: What is the age rating on quadrophenia?
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When was Quadrophenia?

Quadrophenia was created on 1973-10-19.

When was Quadrophenia created?

Quadrophenia was created on 1973-10-19.

What is the duration of Quadrophenia film?

The duration of Quadrophenia - film - is 1.95 hours.

When was Quadrophenia - film - created?

Quadrophenia - film - was created on 1979-09-14.

When was Quadrophenia - soundtrack - created?

Quadrophenia - soundtrack - was created on 1979-10-05.

What age rating is anuvahood?

The age rating for the movie Anuvahood is age certificate:12a.

What is an age rating?

An age rating is a classification for a product which specifies the minimum age for a person using it.

What is the age rating for Arthur?

the rating is 3+

What age rating is the Black Swan?

The age rating for Black Swan is 14 and up.

What is the age rating for the film The dictator?

The age rating is going to be 4 = U

Who was the star of quadrophenia and also stared in eastenders?

Phil Daniels played Jimmy Copper in 'Quadrophenia' andKevin in 'Eastenders'.

What is the age rating for the pillars of the earth?

the age rating for pillars of the earth (the novel) would be about 12 years of age and over