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India's population at the time of independence from british was 350 million i.e 35 crore

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The average Age in India is 25.1 Years.

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The median age is around 25 years old.

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Q: What is the average age in India?
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Average age of people in India?


Average living age of man in India?

Average life expectancy in India is 66.21 years. This is less than Pakistan's expectancy of 66.41 and China's 75.20 years in the region.

Average age a child loses his first tooth?

The average age of first tooth loss is 5 years and 8 months as revealed by a self survey taking into account 18 male children in India.

Voting age in india?

Minimum voting age is 18 in India.

What is the average size of a family in India?

What is the family size in india?The average family size in India is still six.

What is the average wage in India?

the average wage in India is $15.00 per day

What the maximum age of state governer of india?

There is no maximum age of a state governor of India but the minimum age is 25.

What is the maximum age for a company director in India?

what is the maximum age of company director of india

What is the total average area of India?

The average area OF INDIA is 3.28 million .

What is the size of the average family in India?

The average family size in India is 4.625 people.

Who car is giving the top average in India?

Hyundai is giving the average car in India.

What is the age of present chief justice of India?

60 years is the age of the present chief of India