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Q: What is the name of the teen titan episode when beast boy says you owe me big time then raven saves him and he says call it even?
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What is the first Teen Titan episode when Raven heals Beast Boy?

Final Exam.

In Teen Titans episode The Quest which Titan looks better in Robin's costume?

Starfire, definitely. Cyborg was squeezed into it, Raven doesn't wear color, and Beast Boy clashed.

Who does raven like teen titan animated?

I'm guessing that raven likes no one.

Who is the yongest teen titan?

Beast Boy

In Teen Titans did Terra kiss Beast Boy in Titan Rising?

Raven, this is trues love beast boy deserves her and she deserves him Terra was just a distraction. Beast boy loved Raven always, he just thought that Raven didnt like him (which she did) so beast boy had to go with Terra but in the end beast boy and raven become lovers Well, the comics has mostly all the info so I guess he's more into raven

What is Raven from Teen Titan's belt made out of?

leather from her own planet

Who is the most powerful teen titan?

Raven cause when she is really angry no one could beat her. remember in that episode when she beat slade up and did you see robin's face it was like whoa! O_O

What episode does Petra die from attack on titan?


Who is the youngest Teen Titan?

The youngest Titan is raven, she is 15. some people say that beastboy is the youngest yet with the cartoon that is not true, beastboy in the cartoon is actually 16.

What teen titan episode does robin go on a trip?

the Quest

Where can you watch teen titan episode 27?

If the episode is not on YouTube, try mega-video

Which teen titan episode does robin go work for slade?

Haunted season 3 or episode # 31