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Astoria, Oregon was the name of the town the goonies were from :)

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Q: What is the name of the town The Goonies are from?
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What town was the filming location for all the town scenes in The Goonies?

Astoria, Oregon.

Sean Aston's character name in the Goonies?

In "The Goonies" Sean Astin is called Mikey Walsh.

What was the name of the ship in The Goonies?

the inferno

In The Goonies what was the name of Mikey and Brands housekeeper?


What' the name of the movie where kids look for gold?

The Goonies!

What is sloths mothers name from goonies?

mama petrelli

The name of the nanny in the goonies?


Name the criminals that are chasing the Goonies?

It is the Fratelli brothers/family

Is Justin Bieber in The Goonies?

Nope sorry justin bieber was born in 1994 and Goonies was made in 1985. And 2nd everyone that knows his name would know if he was in a movie or nOt.

Where to get them The Goonies Autographs?

EVERYMEMORABILIA.COM, they have The Goonies autographed memorabilia!

Who is the mother of mikey in goonies?

her name is alissa fowndry but she likes to go by alisson.

What is the famous saying from the goonies?

Goonies never say die