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Jedi is the singular as well as the plural. It's like sheep

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Q: What is the plural of Jedi?
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What are words that can be one or many without changing the word?

There are several words that are both plural and singular. As an example: Jedi. Jedi is both singular: "I am a jedi" and plural: "Kill all the jedi!" A few other examples include fish, sperm, quail, and buffalo

When do they say the word Jedis -as in the incorrect plural of Jedi- in Star Wars?

They DON'T!

How many Jedi are in the Jedi council?

There are twelve Jedi on the Jedi Council.

Was Luke Skywalker a jedi consular?

no he wasn't. but he was a jedi knight. but he wasn't a jedi consular because he was a jedi after the jedi consul was done.

When are you a Jedi in Star Wars the Old Republic?

You are a Jedi, when you choose one of the two classes that are Jedi. The two classes are Jedi Knight and Jedi Consular.

What are the ranks of a jedi?

Youngling, Padawan, Jedi Knight, Jedi Master

What is the difference between Jedi Knight and a Jedi Master?

A Jedi Master is a highly skilled, "senior" Jedi Knight. A Jedi Knight is someone who fights with a lightsaber, and a Jedi Master is someone who fights with a lightsaber AND can teach other possible Jedi.

What kind of Jedi was yoda?

Jedi Master Yoda was the leading Jedi on the Jedi Council. His homeworld is unknown as is his species.

What is the probability of being a jedi?

You are not a Jedi.

What is the definition of Jedi?

"Jedi" is a concept from the fictional Star Wars universe created by George Lucas. The Jedi (pronounced jedd-eye) are an order of quasi-religious warrior/philosophers modeled loosely on Buddhist monks and the Samurai. The Jedi have the gift of "Force sensitivity." The Force, in this fictional universe is an "energy field that connects all living things, it surrounds us, it penetrates us, it binds the galaxy together" (to paraphrase one Jedi named Obi-Wan Kenobi). The dark side of the Force is a form of evil, practiced primarily by fallen Jedi called the "Sith." The singular is "Jedi" and the plural is "Jedi." The word "Jedi" was borrowed by George Lucas from a Japanese word that refers to historical films/period piece films in Japan set usually during the Samurai era.

Why were Jedi banned from marriage and parenthood?

The Jedi code forbade Jedi from forming attachments.

What is a Jedi in training called?

The lowest rank of jedi is a youngling, they are taught to control the force and use a light saber. After that they become a padawan, then a jedi knight, then a jedi master, then a jedi council member, and lastly a jedi grand master.

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