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Aerobic exercise is cardio exercise (where you get your heart rate up).

Resistance exercise is weight training using resistance.

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Q: What is the similarities between aerobic exercise and resistance exercise?
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What is the difference between resistance and aerobic exercise?

Resistance is strength training where aerobic is endurance.

Whats the difference between aerobic exercise and resistance exercise?

Aerobic exercise is for keeping the body flexible and in shape and is great for burning calories. It is good exercise for the heart as well. Resistance exercise is lifting weights or using weight machines in order to build or maintain muscle mass.

What is the relationship between aerobic respiration and exercise?

aerobic refers to the utilization of oxygen. exercise that raises the heart rate to a target level for a set time will condition the heart and lungs making them more oxygen efficient.

What are the similarities and differences between arobic ressperation and anarobic respiration?

there is no similarities while there are some differences 1: aerobic respiration contain oxygen while anarobic did't

Difference between aerobic and anaerobic exercise?

aerobic exercise is any sort of endurance training, like running long distances. They rely on the body receiving oxygen in order to give the muscles energy, so the blood flow increases. The lungs and heart are strengthened with aerobic. anaerobic exercise is quick like sprinting a 100m or weight lifting. Aerobic refers to cardiorespiratory fitness, and anaerobic refers to muscular fitness.

What are the similarities and differences between the dietary plan of an aerobic endurance athlete and an anaerobic power athlete?

== == stronger Samosa and lots of bread

What is the difference between aerobic capacity and muscular endurance?

Aerobic capacity is the endurance of activity on the heart muscle in high or low impact aerobic exercise. Muscle endurance is the amount of weight that you are able to lift without tearing muscle fibers.

What is the difference between arobic exercise and anaerobic exercise?

Aerobic exercise activities are longer in duration and involve usually a rythmic motion to them. Also, aerobic activities involve the use of oxygen consumption. Anaerobic activities are short sudden burst movements such as sprinting a short distance where oxygen is not consumed and the individual holds their breath.

What is the difference between aerobic exercise and anaerobics?

Aerobic exercise is exercise with oxygen, in other words, exercise that gets you breathing hard by utilizing your cardiovascular system. Running, jogging, swimming, and walking are examples of aerobic exercise. Anaerobic exercise is exercise without oxygen, in other words, exercise that does not get you breathing hard. Doing a single squat or bench press are examples of anaerobic exercise. Actually, every exercise is at least slightly aerobic or slightly anaerobic. Also, many anaerobic exercises can be made aerobic simply by doing more of them, for example, doing 50 bench presses or squats without pausing.

What is the benefits of physical exercise?

Physical exercise is beneficial for your entire organism, mainly for your respiratory and circulatory systems, including the heart. (cardiovascular system). As you are exercising your body requires more oxygen, your brain is greatly benefited because all your brain cells get more oxygen, so improving your mental health. Depending on the type of exercise you are practicing, you can also increase the mass of your muscles by lifting weights. Note that you can alternate between aerobic and non aerobic exercise. Aerobic exercise requires a ventilator in front of you, at its lower speed, so that more oxygen is inhaled.

What is the difference between aerobic and amerobic exercise?

anaerobic activities involve short spurts of physical activity while aerobic activities consist of doing an activity for a long period of time that gets your heart rate up

What is the difference between aerobic and aerobic?

aerobic requires oxygen and anaerobic doesn't