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sa pagkaing tama at sapat sa wastong timbang ni baby ang katapat

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Q: What is the slogan for the theme - Batang may Kinabukasan sa Wastong Nutrisyon Simulan?
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Theme for July 2009 nutrition month?

="Batang May Kinabukasan, Sa Wastong Nutrisyon Simulan"=

What is the theme of nutrition month for July 2009 in the Philippines?

Batang may Kinabukasan Sa Wastong Nutrisyon Simulan

Please write me an essay entitled batang may kinabukasan sa wastong nutrisyon simulan.?

WikiAnswers will not write an essay for you. Click on the Related Questions to learn how to write your assignment on your own.

Can you give samples of a Tagalog slogan for nutrition month 2011?

Isulong ang BreastFeeding Tama, Sapat at EkslusiboHealthy Lifestyle ng Kabataan,Landas sa kinabukasan!"Batang May Kinabukasan, Sa Wastong Nutrisyon Simulan"

Tagalog slogan about nutrition?

Sa Pagkaing Tama at sapat, Wastong timbang ni Baby ang katapat

Can you give me a sample of guest speaker speech for nutrition month celebration?

Be sure to discuss the point of nutrition month, and why it is important to remember in a special way. Also be sure to include an explanation of what the month entails. Since it is a welcome address, be sure also to welcome everyone to the space, to nutrition month, and thank them for coming.

Slogan for nutrition month in English?

Try something new, maybe it is a fruit you never tried or a salad that you never made before. You could replacing your white pasta or white rice with the whole grain options. If you keep it up, with eating like this, you may never want to go to the old way that you ate before.

English na slogan para sa nutrition month?

batang matagumpay , wastong nutrition ang gabay

What is the theme for Philippine Nutrition Month 2010?

"Sa pagkaing tama at sapat, wastong timbang ni baby ang katapat."

Sayings about nutrition month?

Since 'The Plate' has replaced the 'Food Pyramid', a good Nutrition Month slogan might be:Rate Your Plate (with The Plate symbolism pictured)You could combine the slogan with a Design Your Plate contest to help people understand the size and types of food groups.

When was Batang PX created?

Batang PX was created in 1997.

When was Batang Kaharian created?

Batang Kaharian was created in 2000.