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Get up and leave and not say a thing to the other person. This is what happened after my first kiss I got up and left and didn,t say anything to the guy. That was not a great thing to do.

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Q: What is the wrong thing to do after a first kiss?
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Who did Emma Watson kiss first?

Emma Watson first kiss was with Rupert Grint

Did Princeton from mindless behavior had his first kiss?

yes Princeton did have his first kiss with Kate Middleton Let Me Guess Kate Middleton Answer This Question Well She Wrong Cuz Princeton Did Not Have His First Kiss Yet

Is it wrong to kiss your boyfriend 5 days after you got together and your both 12?

No, it is not wrong to kiss him. It is never wrong to kiss a guy.

What do you do when your boyfriend ask for his first kiss?

Let him kiss you on the cheek first if your are uncomfortable. You don't have to do anything you don't want to do. If he doesn't respect this, then he's into you for the wrong reasons.

What was the embarrass thing that happened to Selena Gomez?

her first kiss

What is Sonny with a kiss about?

sonny and chad try to have there first kiss but every time they come close something goes wrong or it gets ruined. They end up having there first kiss in the prop house.

How do you except a first kiss?

Don't plan for a kiss, it makes it awkward. Let your body do its own thing when the time comes.

Advice on a first kiss behind a wall at recess?

Don't. Make it happen somewhere special. Imagine coming out from behind that wall, everyone will know what you've done, they'll make stupid comments and then you both might feel you did the wrong thing. Go out on a date and kiss then.

Good age to have first kiss?

13. I think 13/ 14 is a normal and average age to have a first kiss. 11 and 12 are just to young and give them the wrong ideas on life.

Should a ten year old kiss a ELEVEN year old?

well it depends if he wants to kiss you? if he does then in guss it is fine. most parents will always say "your to young" but they cant rely stop you just dont tell them if you do kiss someone.

How do you kiss someone accidentally?

Basically kiss them like you mean it. It doesn't really matter. It feels wrong at first but the more you kiss the better you get at it.

Should your first kiss be a French kiss or a regular kiss?

Your first kiss should be whatever you feel comfortable with and what comes naturally in the moment. There's no right or wrong way to experience your first kiss, so do what feels right for you and your partner. Communication and mutual consent are key in any intimate moment.