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Crossing a zebra stallion on a horse mule produces a Zorse. Zebra hybrids are usually the result of a male zebra bred either to a female horse (zorse) or to a donkey jennet (Zebrass or zedonk).

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A girl foal=filly, A boy foal=colt

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A zebra's offspring is called a foal.

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Q: What is zebra offspring?
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What is the offspring of male zebra and female zebra?

a baby zebra

A zebroid is the combination of a zebra and what else?

The hybrid offspring of a zebra and a horse

How were zebra and quagga genes passed on from the parents to the offspring?

Zebra and quagga genes are passed from parents to offspring through sexual reproduction. Each parent contributes half of their genetic material, which combines to create a unique genetic code for the offspring. This process occurs during fertilization when genetic material from the male sperm and female egg unite to form a zygote with a complete set of chromosomes.

What is a zebra's offspring?

They are the babies that e female zebra give birth to in spring.

What is a zonkey?

A zonkey is an offspring of a zebra and a donkey.

What is the name of an offspring belonging to a zebra and a donkey?

Zebra and Donkey offsprings are known as Zedonks.

Why is a zebra not a horse?

A Zebra just isn't a Horse.. If They reproduce they cant produce fertile offspring

What is a zoni?

A zony is the offspring of a male zebra and female pony.

What is the offspring of a zebra and Hinny?

A Hinny cannot reproduce.

Is a zebra decomposer?

A zebra is not a decomposer. This horse-like animal is known as a composer. They are also producers as they are able to produce offspring.

What is a zebroid?

A zebroid is a zebrine (zebra-like) humanoid creature. A zebroid is the offspring of a horse and a zebra. it's infertile. It is a cross between a zebra and any other type of horse.

How many offspring do zebra produced?

2 nor three