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The wire in a circuit helps to pass power to the electrical appliances.

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Q: What job does a wire do in a circuit?
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If you have a circuit consisting of a battery and a wire What two factors determine the amount of current in the circuit?

The voltage of the battery, and the resistance of the circuit (including the resistance of the wire and the internal resistance of the battery).

Is the amount of current that flows in the wire of electric circuit the same as the current that flows in the filament of the light connected in that circuit?


What would happen if a wire in a parallel circuit broke?

All of the current would travel down the remaining intact wire - possibly overheating.

What happens when you disconnect the wire from the battery?

Disconnecting a wire from a battery would break the circuit. If the battery was powering a bulb, the lamp would go out.

When using a 3 wire control circuit to control a magnetic motor starter the part that will open the control circuit when an overload occurs will be?

The part that opens the circuit is the overload blocks that are situated below the magnetic starter and before the motor load. The latest addition to the electrical code book states that the "hot" wire goes through the overload contacts first before feeding the 3 wire control system. With the supply voltage in this position the whole circuit becomes de-energized when the motor load trips the circuit. The old standard practice on a 3 wire control system, the neutral was connected to the overload relay contacts. When the overload relay tripped it opened the neutral of the coil circuit and the starter dropped out

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What is the use of wire gauge?

Wire gauge is used to determine the size wire needed to carry the correct amount of current for the job. It must be sized appropriately for the current in the circuit you are building.

Can one use 1 circuit of a 3 wire plus ground 2 circuit cable as a GFI circuit with the other as a lighting circuit?

A GFCI can not be used on a three wire branch circuit. It has to be on a single two wire circuit.

Where does the wire come from in an electrical circuit?

The wire comes from the installer or manufacturer of the circuit.

How do you change wire fuse for circuit breaker?

A circuit breaker does not have a wire fuse in it.

Can you install a GFCI on a 2 wire circuit?

Yes, you install a GFCI on a 2 wire circuit.

How many ground wire for a multi wire circuit?

A multi-wire circuit requires only one equipment grounding conductor for the entire circuit. Each branch circuit within the multi-wire setup shares this one ground wire as it connects to the main grounding point.

What wire in a circuit should contain the fuse?

The wire that connects the power source to the rest of the circuit should contain the fuse. This is typically the wire that leads directly from the positive terminal of the battery or power source. Placing the fuse in this wire helps protect the circuit in case of a short circuit or overload.

What effect would thinner wire have in a circuit?

The smaller the wire size used in a circuit limits the amount of current that is allow to be flow through that circuit.

What type of circuit has more than one circuit on a wire a series circuit or a parallel circuit?

A parallel circuit is :)

A wire wrapped around a magnet is an example of a open circuit?

No, a wire wrapped around a magnet is an example of a closed circuit, as the wire forms a continuous loop for the flow of electric current. An open circuit is a circuit that is interrupted, preventing the flow of current.

What is a circuit with a broken wire?

A circuit with a broken wire is an open circuit, meaning there is a gap in the pathway for electricity to flow. This interruption stops the current from completing its loop, resulting in a non-functional circuit. Fixing the broken wire will restore the connection and allow the circuit to operate properly.

What is close circuit?

Close circuit is a complete circuit of battery wire bulb and a switch