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Ernie is a human Muppet, as is his roommate Bert.

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Q: What kind of animal is Ernie from sesame street?
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What kind of animal is Bert from sesame street?

He is a person.

What kind of character is Ernie and Bert from the Sesame Street?

They are Muppets, in a human-like form.

What kind of animal is grover from sesame street?

Grover is not an animal at all, he is a Monster.

What kind of animal is rosita from sesame street?

Rosita is supposedly a "Fruit Bat" but without wings .

What kind of animal is a snuffleupagus?

A Suffleupagus is a furry animal that looks like a pachyderm or elephant or a wooly mammoth. However, they are their own species and are found only on Sesame Street. They are covered in brown fur and have long eyelashes to protect their eyes.

What kind of character is Big Bird in Sesame Street?

Big Bird is an anthropomorphic bird that is one of the main characters of Sesame Street. Big Bird usually is involve in teaching children's lessons in the show and is usually depicted as a kind hearted curious character.

What kind of sentence is Mr Rogers and Sesame Street are two popular television shows for young children?

I believe that is a Declarative sentence-- you are just stating a fact!

What kind of character is Ernie?

a puppet? ;)

Where does Big Bird live?

Well, I live on Sesame Street in my nest. It's's kind of over that way. You have to take a subway to get there. Or a bus. Or if you can drive, maybe you can drive there...or you can take

What kind of seeds go on sesame buns?

sunflower seeds

What kind of animal is Elmo?

Elmo is not an animal.actually he is a red "monster" as said.

What was the aunts name in Ernie's incredible illusions?

The aunt's name in "Ernie's Incredible Illusions" is Aunt Polly. She is a kind and caring character who helps guide Ernie through a magical adventure in the story.