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The Massif Central is the mountain range located in southern central France. That mountain range is a remain of old volcanoes.

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Q: What mountain range is in central France?
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Is the Jura a mountain range in the centre of France?

the Jura mountain range is in eastern France, on the border with Switzerland. The mountain range in south central France is called 'le massif central'

What is the name of the mountain in central France?

A vast mountain range in central France is called "le massif central"

What is the mountain range in the center of France called?

The mountain range located is the central (actually south-of-the-center) part of France is 'le Massif Central'.

Mountain range in France?

1.Ardennes2.‎ Massif Central 3.‎ Pyrenees‎.mountain range in france.

Mountains in the middle of France?

The mountain range in the centre of France is the MASSIF CENTRAL.

What is the mountain range in France?

Mountain ranges in France are Vosges, Jura, Massif Central, Alps and Pyrenees.

What is the name of thew oldest mountain in France?

The Massif Central is the old mountain range slightly south of the centre of France.

What mountain range is between France and Serbia?

The Alps stretch from southern France to central Europe.

What is a major mountain system in south-central Europe?

The Alps is the primary mountain range found in south-central Europe. Mont Blanc is the highest mountain found in this range, and it is located on the France-Italy border.

Is there mountain center of La France?

the mountain range 'Massif Central' is just south of the center of France. These mountains are older than the Alps and lower.

Name one mountain range in France?

Alpes, Vosges, Jura, Pyrenées, Massif Central, Cévennes....

Is there a mountain range that separates France and Switzerland?

There is a mountain range that separates France from Switzerland. The Alps mountain range runs for 700 miles along the Southern coastline of France.

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