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The first time, it is on page 330. This is where Bella decides to punch Jacob in response to the kiss, and breaks her hand.

The second time, is on page 526. This is right before Jacob leaves for the big fight against the newborns and Victoria. This is where Bella figures out she also loves Jacob.

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Q: What pages in the book Eclipse did Bella and Jacob kiss?
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What twilight book did Bella hit Jacob?


Book in which happens the first kiss between Jacob and Bella?


What is the three story act of the book Eclipse?

Bella's perspective, Jacob's perspective, Bella's perspective.

Which movie did Jacob give Bella the bracelet?

Jacob gave Bella the bracelet in Eclipse at her graduation party. In the book it was in chapter 17.

Which book did Jacob give Bella wolf bracelet?

It is his graduation present to her... in Eclipse

What are the main characters of the book Eclipse?

If you are talking about eclipse by Stephenie Meyer, then the main characters are Jacob, Bella, and edward.

In the begging of eclipse does Bella go to that that Jacob have?

The movie that Bella, Mike and Jacob go see is called Face Punch, but in the book it was called crosshairs.

What chapter did Bella ask Jacob to kiss her?

Chapter 23: Monster Book: Eclipse.

What is the turning point in the book Eclipse?

When Bella reveals that she is in love with both Jacob and Edward!

Im which book do Bella and Jacob go to the bonfire with all the other Quileutes?


Do Jacob and Bella kiss in the movie New moon?

No ,but Jacob kisses Bella in Eclipse and Bella breaks her handIn the movie they were close to kissing but it never happened and yes Jacob does kiss Bella in eclipse and she breaks her hard from trying to punch him. She soon asks him to kiss her in the same book

Who does Bella pick in twilight eclipse Edward or Jacob?

She picks Edward over Jacob when she agrees to marry him at the end of the book.

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