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Ah, this sounds like a question related to the Indian Weather Rock (see link).

Temperature, like all other weather phenomenon, is easy - If it was "cold" outside, then we called it "Cold" if it was "hot" then we called it "Hot" of course this could get pretty complicated too though, for instance: a "Nice day with a cool breeze" was called a "nice day with a cool breeze."

Please understand that this answer is not intended to be 'funny' (per se) but to illustrate the cultural differences in use. To expand on this theory: Only a 'white man' needs a watch (clock, or other time device) to tell him it is time to eat - a Native American does not need time because we eat when we are hungry (this could explain overweight white men - Pavlov's Syndrome). One other nice thing about this is, no Native American in history has ever been late (because we, just like the Wizards of Middle Earth) arrive exactly when we get there; we are never early or late. When you complicate your view with these things, you loose site of the things that matter.

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Q: What type temperature did Cherokee Indians use?
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