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The Burgeois.

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Q: What was the name of the middle class during the French Revolution?
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Who were the bourgeoisie during the french revolution?

middle class people

What was another name for the middle class during the french revolution?

la Bourgeoisie

Who were the third estate people during the french revolution?

Middle class, peasants, city workers, and bourgeoise.

What was the slogan of the middle class in the French Revolution?

The slogan for the french revolution is Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite.

What class rises greatly in power during the Industrial Revolution?

The middle class was the one that rises greatly in power during the Industrial Revolution.

In french which was a major result of the French revolution?

A major result of the French revolution was that the middle class gained political influence.

How do you use bourgeoisie?

When speaking of the French middle class, particularly during the French Revolution. ex: When the bourgeoisie revolted, they expressed their discontent by beheading the king.

What was the proper named for he soical clsses in the french revolution?

High class: Middle class:Bourgeoisie Lower class:

What was the jobs of the middle class had in Britain during the Industrial Revolution?


How did the peasants win french revolution?

They didn't. The revolution was made by the urban middle class, supported by the urban poor. Such benefits as came from the revolution went to the middle class. Peasants in the countryside were hardly affected at all.

How Did the US react to this French Revolution?

what did the peasants & middle class people actually do in france

Whose angry feelings was an immediate cause of the French Revolution?

The lower and middle class' feelings.