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A vampire is a mythical creature. They would if they were real have originated from Italy or Transilvania and would most likley still be their now.

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Hew m a know where am i u need to come to India- shimla at the mall church I'll be waiting

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Q: Where are the vampires now?
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It appears that vampires vs. werewolves is no longer on Nicktropolis. Nicktropolis launched in 2007 and is now known as The Club.

In twilight when Bella sees walans body why does she picture edward?

Because now that shes finding out more about vampires, and figuring it out, she thinks vampires, possibly edwad killed waylon

In twilight eclipse what are newborn vampires?

Recently turned vampires.

What are the release dates for Vampires - 2012 Vampires New Orleans 1-1?

Vampires - 2012 Vampires New Orleans 1-1 was released on: USA: 21 February 2012

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Do vampires exist now in India?

There are no Vampires in India.

Who are vampires now?

No one vampires aren't real

Is there any vampires now?

There are no vampires, only vampire movies and books.

Do vampires exist now as normal people?

No, vampires are pure fiction.

Are Vampires alive right now?

Vampires are fictional creatures, they do not actually exist.

How can you say that vampires do not exist?

You could say; "Vampires are non-existent." "There are no real vampires." "Vampires are not real." "Vampires are mythical."

Do vampires live again?

no they never have. vampires only live in movies and books. back in the past there might have been vampires but not now.

Where are vampires found now in India?

No were, they are not real...

Are vampires living in this world today and now?


How did vampires exist?

They never did, do not now and never will. They are fictional.

Are vampires truly existing now in this world?

i think yes

Where are the vampires at now?

They are fictional characters, so my reply is that they are in your imagination.