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To do the act of Fighting Gravity you got to have alot of money. Buy a white hoodie and white jogging pants. Fill the the white jogging pants with pillow feathers and form a foot at the end of the jogging pants then strapped the jogging pants to you. There is your fake legs to do Fighting Gravity. Hook black handle bars at the far back of the fake legs so the guys dressed in black will control your fake legs. Now just buy buckets of UV Paint off of wildfire on the internet and put the UV paint on the fake legs and hoodie to do the glowing effect of Fighting Gravity. Then you have to buy 4 to 6 black light projectors off of wildfire on the internet. To do this act it cost thousands of dollars because of the amount of paint hoodies and black light projectors. This act will help you automatically win a talent show.

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Q: Where can you buy fake legs like fighting gravity?
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