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wl target and walamart maybe even awllgreens

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Q: Where can you buy the vampire academy movie?
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Is there a movie based on the book Vampire Academy?

yes there is a Vampire Academy movie.

When are they making a movie for vampire academy?

The movie, currently known as Untitled Vampire Academy Project, is going to be released in 2013.

Who is the movie cast of vampire academy movie?

There is no cast for the movie yet.

When does the vampire academy movie come out on DVD?

theres no movie yet

Is there really going to be a vampire academy movie?


Did they make vampire Academy a movie yet?

No, not yet.

Is there going to be a vampire academy movie made?


Have they started the casting for the vampire academy movie?

No, there is no Vampire Academy movie set to be made as yet, this was confirmed on Richelle Mead's official website. I hope there is one soon though, I'm a huge fan of the Vampire Academy books! Hope I helped.

Is the books vampire academy being made into a movie?

99.9% of people associated with vampire academy say there will be a movie so YAY!! and apparently its due to be released in 2013

Is there a movie made out of Vampire Academy?

No, they haven't made a movie out of Vampire Academy yet. They are going to make one soon though. They have recently sold the rights to Preger Entertainment

When are auditions for the vampire academy movie?

a movie isin't being made yet.

Is their a seres on vampire academy?

No, so far there is only a Vampire Academy book series, and not a TV show or movie/s. Hope I helped.