Best Answer This is a forum for women who have had a tubal ligation and most are now wanting a tubal ligation reversal. It is a place for emotional support after you have had a tubal ligation and are needing emothional support. This is another forum that you can go to just to get information about a tubal ligation and PTLS which is known as Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome. It deals with all the things that happen after the tubal that your doctor didnt tell you about.

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2006-02-24 10:57:27
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Q: Where can you find a forum to chat about tubal ligation?
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Can you have a laparoscopic tubal ligation if you are pregnant and dont want the baby?

I suppose you could if you could find a doctor who would do it. If you are asking, "Will a tubal ligation get rid of the baby?", then, no. The baby is forming below the Fallopian tubes.

Does planned parenthood provide tubal ligation?

Some Planned Parenthoods provide tubal ligation, Essure, or vasectomy. Those who don't can refer to you health care providers who do. Call your local family planning office to find out what's available in your area.

After tubal ligation how long will it take to lose belly fat?

How long it takes to lose belly fat after a tubal ligation varies greatly depending on your exercise plan, your food intake, and your body itself. Many people find that they begin losing some fat immediately after the ligation but gain it again if they do not pay attention to their diet.

How would you find a doctor in Georgia that does tubal ligation reversals?

you can look in your phone book, google it, or ask for a referral from your family doctor or OBGYN.

Where can i find a doctor to untie my tubes?

A physician that reverses the effects of tubal ligation is a fertility specialist. These specialists are oftentimes found in larger cities.

What age can a woman have tubal ligation in Canada?

There are no age guidelines or restrictions for tubal ligations in Canada. However it may be very difficult to find a physician who will agree to perform this procedure if you are under 25 years of age.

Is there free tubal ligation reversal?

I have also wondered this. I had a tubal in 2005 and have sometimes regretted it. I have looked on the web and have not found anything about free tubal reversals. I hope you find one and if not maybe God will take matters into his own hands and give you a child. Good luck.

If you are having an abdominal myomectomy can you also have a tubal ligation reversal at the same time?

yes if you find a doctor that specializes in tubal reversal and performs myomectomys my doctor will do them at same time but i have pay for reversal insurance wont cover it.

Does minnesota state insurance cover tubal ligation?

It is covered under MA, only after the age of 21. However, you have to find a doctor/hospital that takes MA, and so far, I have found none that take MA who do tubal ligations.

Where can I find a mature chat forum?

Visit common chat sites or social media forums, such as Yahoo or Facebook. Join chat groups based on common interests. For example, finance or knitting.

Can a tubal reversal be done in Tasmania?

I am actually wondering if Tubal ligation reversal can be done in Tasmania too. I am hoping to have mine reversed but can't seem to find any info for down here. I also don't know what the first step is I should take.

Can you have a tubal ligation before having kids?

yes but have to find a doc to do it and meet age requirement I think of 24yrs or older!! I know to have preformed in tx have to be 21 at least with 2 kids.

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