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are there any usb headset mics.

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Q: Where can you get a cheap USB headset with and mic?
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What type of charger does a Quickcell Bolt Mini Universal Bluetooth Headset use?

Common with a lot of these bluetooth headsets, with internal rechargeable batteries, they just need the 5 volts provided by any USB socket.The charging current is controlled internally by the device.Just find a USB lead that fits the small socket on the headset and has a standard USB plug on the other end.Then Plug the standard USB plug into any USB Powered device. Computer, car charger adapter, Wall charger adapter.A red light on the headset should show charging in progress.

What headset can you plug into a tv so you can hear the sounds from the tv and also use as a mic for ps3 and head people through the headset as well?

I don't think you want to hear the sound from your TV, but you want to hear the sounds that your PlayStation is making and sending to your TV. Your first choice should be from Sony PlayStation 3 accessories and the headset and mike that they make connects to the PS3 with Bluetooth and the retail USA price is $49.99. It is called PS3 Bluetooth Headset and a link to the PlayStation network accessories has been placed under the related links

Can you use more than one Bluetooth on black ops on ps3 while playing online or in zombies?

Your not clear on your question. A Bluetooth controller is used and called the Dual Shock 3. You can also use a Bluetooth Headset with Call of Duty Black Ops or a USB type headset

How do you use a headset for cod MW2?

You plug the headset underneath the controller.

How do you set up a microphone on PS3?

Guys i submitted the question the extra information is that the headset is completely functional because it all works on my computer. The problem is that I can hear everything through it on the PS3, but every headset's microphone doesn't work. I don't get why the microphone is the only thing not working, please help.

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What can you use as an iPod touch mic?

You can use a headset (NON USB) or a NON USB mic no you can't dummy!

Where do you plug in your mic for your mac mini?

You have to use an USB audio interface because the new MacMini (2011 and later) doesn't have a mic input. The only sound input is a LineIn. The cheapest solution can be some USB-headset.

What mean headset w mic?

headset with microphone

How much is a PS3 headphone set?

Any bluetooth or USB headset will work on a PS3. You can find headsets from as cheap as $30 to $150. The official PS3 headset by Sony costs $49.

Could anybody recommend a mic or headset to use with Audacity Free Recording Software?

You can use any microphone with Audacity that will work with your computer. You might choose a USB headset from Logitech if you want to do lower quality voice recording. For higher quality, choose a USB microphone from Blue, ART or Audio Technica.

Can you use your mobile mic as a mic for computer?

Only if you have symbian OS, then DLL Mobiola Headset.

How much do ps3 headset cost?

Cheapest one I found was a used usb wired headset that plugs into the controller at Gamestop for $15. There's also a wireless bluetooth headset for about $65. I went with the wired one. Cheap and decent quality.

What is a good cheap xbox 360 mic?

Use the headset that came with your 360 console. You don't need to spend money on a separate mic if you don't want to. I believe the A button works as "percussion beats" when you have a cowbell/tambourine solo in Rock Band

Does iPod Touch 3g have a microphone?

No, But it does come with a headset with a built in mic.

Is the mic removeable on the turtle beach X1s?

nope, its part of the headset

Is jack or usb connection better for headset?

USB as the buffer is less to none.

Can you use the turtle beach XLC on a PC?

Yes, you can. But, as what is happening to me, the computer is not recognizing the exterior headset. It is just showing the default computer mic and speakers. I am on Windows 7. I assume this is because the headset is not usb. Also, I found that the mic doesn't pick up words with "s" that well. You can buy a 2.5 MM Female to 3.5 MM Male adapter for the microphone output as well as a standard RCA R/W to 3.5 MM adapter for the audio output. Doing so will convert your headset into a PC headset. Note: If you do this you may need to plug the USB cord into a wall outlet to produce sufficient power for the microphone to work properly.