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Carlisle changed Edward in 1918. In 1918. Edward was 17 years old when he was changed and he was born in 1901.

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In a hospital in Chicago.

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Q: Where did carlisle find edward?
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When did Carlisle find Edward?

Carlisle found Edward in 1918, when Edward was 17, ill and close to death.

Where does Carlisle find Edward?

Carlisle finds Edward in a hospital after Edwards mum told Carlisle to look after him and not let him die

What does edward say after they find out Bella is pregnant?

They stay silent and then Edward says he has to call Carlisle....

What was edward dying from when carlisle turned him into a vampire?

Edward was dying of the Spanish Influenza when Carlisle found him.

What does Carlisle do for Bella in the Ballet Studio?

Carlisle doesn't really do anything for Bella personally. Carlisle tells Edward what he thinks Edward should do.

Did carlisle and Esme find out that edward took Bella too school in twilight?


Did elizabeth and edward Anthony masen know carlisle was a vampire?

Edward Masen died before he met Carlisle. Elisabeth didn't tell Carlisle if she knew or not, but she said "Save my son [Edward], do for him what others cannot", presumably referring to Carlisle being a vampire.

What is Edward Cullen's full name before Carlisle adopted him?

Edward Cullen's full name before Carlisle adopted him was Edward Anthony Masen. Then, Carlisle adopted him and gave Edward her last name, Cullen so therefore it changed to Edward Anthony Masen Cullen.

What year did carlisle turn edward turn into a vampire?

In the Twilight series, Carlisle turned Edward into a vampire in 1918 when Edward was dying from Spanish influenza.

Did Edward leave the thrown?

Edward never was in the Volturi. Carlisle was.

Who turned Edward into a vampire?

Edward was changed by Carlisle Cullen.

How edward got changed into a vampire?

Around 1918 the spanish influenza hit and Edward got it too. Carlisle was treating paitents with the disease, and an ill woman asked Carlisle to save her dieing son edward so Carlisle changed Edward into a Vampire.