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Q: Where is ace trainer Blake in Pokemon platinum version?
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Where to find dusclops on Pokemon platinum?

ace trainer Blake has it and he is in route 216 just outside MT. Coronet

What trainer has a porygon2 in Pokemon platinum?

as you are leaving Mt. cornet, heading to snowpoint, there is a man straight west as soon as you leave the cave. (Ace Trainer Blake). His arsenal consists of ambipom and porygon2

Where do you find the trainer that has number 193 on the pokedex on platinum?

That Pokemon is Porygon 2. There are two trainers who have him, although you may have already gotten past the Scientist in the Galactic HQ. The other one can be found on Route 216. That is one of the Snowy Routes. The trainer is Ace Trainer Blake.

What trainier has porygon2 on Pokemon Platinum?

Ace Trainer Blake on Route 216 (on the way to Snowpoint City) has a Porygon2. It is at level 40. He also has a level 39 Ambipom, just so you know.

Who has ambipom in Pokemon platinum?

This guy named Blake on route 216.

Where are the locations to shiny Pokemon in platinum?

There areen't any places in Sinnoh that shiny Pokemon appear repititionally. You may never know when a shiny Pokemon might appear in the wild. Besides chance, you can use an Action Replay (sold at your local Walmart) an use the shiny Pokemon code to make all wild, captured, and trainer Pokemon shiny.Pokemon fans rock,Blake B.

What trainer has Ambipom on Pokemon Platinum?

An ace trainer on route 216 has an ambipom The trainers name is blake, he is the first trainer you will come across as you enter the route, if you head straight ahead he can be found facing away from the north wall so you have to pass his line of sight to advance without going to the upper level. He is armed with two pokemon: a level 39 ambipom and a level 40 porygon2 so be armed with fighting moves if you are of a similar level.

Where can you find ambipom on Pokemon Platinum?

You can find 1 in 5 different places. Route 216 = An Ace Trainer named Blake has 1. Hearthome City/Pastoria City/Celestic Town = Clown Lee has 1. I believe this person is seen in the Pokémon Center on specific days. Victory Road = A Double Team battle has 1 on the first floor.

Where can you see an Ambipom on Pokemon Platinum?

A good way you can do it is get an aipom from the honey tree, then evolve it into an ambipom.either evolve the aipom or go to pastoria city at a certain day ( idk exactly when ) and theres a clown named lee in the Pokemon center, he has an ambipom lv 50Another way to see one would be to battle Ace Trainer Blake on Route 216 who is just before the can't see ambipom but you can catch aipoms by slathering honey on trees and evolve them

Where do you see ambipom in Pokemon platinum?

there is not a trainer with Ambipom in platinum so u have to smother honey on a tree and get aipom then train him till lvl 30 - 33 to learn double slap he must learn it to evolve if you did not teach him that move, give the guy in pastoria a heart scale and tech it to aipomThere is a trainer with an ambipom in platinum! One of the trainers on the way to snowpoint has one. But if for some reason, you can't find them, you can slather honey on a tree, get an aipom, and teach it double hit and level it to 33. Not double slap.

Does Blake Shelton sing a version of simple man?

no. go home

Where is Blake in Pokemon SoulSilver?

seafoam islands. surf from cinnibar