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Q: Which episode of Ben 10 omniverse is Ben under mind control?
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What is the episode of weird or what about quantum entanglement?

Mind Control War

How do you use jedi mind control?

it is not mind control it is a force suggestion that is why it only works on the weak minded. and you cant do it.

Do you control your mind or does your mind control you?

Both, because you need to control your mind in order for it to control you

Does Britney Spears have temper issues?

It's called "mind control"..she is under mind control. Just like the rest of them in the music industry. Look it up, you will find loads of information on it!

Can dolphins control your mind?

Yes, if you get too close to a dolphin, it can control your mind and put you under its power. It will probably force you to jump into the water or swim closer to it, allowing it to harvest your organs for nourishment.

Why you cant control your mind?

You can control your mind because it is your mind you are the one who has control over your body and what you put in it. The mind is amazing in a human being and you obviously can control it

Can your bank teller control your mind?

No, your bank teller cannot control your mind. Nobody can control your mind.

Teen Titans what episode does robin go into ravens mind?

He never goes into her mind. She tells him not to. Raven, however, went inside his mind in the episode "Haunted"

Does ahsoka turn bad in season 3 episode 16?

yes she does but she is sort of under mind conroll or something by that guys son.

In super paper Mario who was MrL?

Mr. L is Luigi under mind control brought on by Nastasia.

What do you call when you can control someones mind?

You would call it "mind control".

Can a six year old control your mind?

As far as I know, no human - whether that human is a six-year-old or otherwise - can control somebody else's mind.