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That's down to your personal opinion

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Q: Which is better Shadow x Amy or Shadow x Tikal?
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Does shadow the hedgehog likes someone?

Not that we really know of, but our best bets are Maria, Amy, Rouge, Tikal, or Molly from Sonic X.

What sonic couples are there?

All fan couples: Sonic & Amy (Even though in Sonic X, its considered Canon. {actual Couple}) Tails & Amy Knuckles & Amy Shadow & Amy Tails & Cream Tails & Cosmo (Also Canon in Sonic X) Knuckles & Rouge Knuckles & Tikal Knuckles & Cosmo Shadow & Rouge Shadow & Maria Shadow & Molly Silver & Blaze Silver & Amy That's all i can think of right now.... Hopefully this helped.

Who falls in love with Amy on SonicX?

I think shadow loves Amy?Yeah that person above is right (Shadow fall in love with Amy) :DWell I think Shadow will fall in love with Amy. In my opinion Chris the 12 year old kid who befriends with Sonic and Sonic's friends shouldn't have been in the episodes cause I think he ruined it. It could have been better if they were in a secret layer called "X''. Since the anime is called ''Sonic X.'' so instead it could have been Amy to make Shadow realize Maria's true wish in episode 38. Opposites attract you know!

What animal is tikal sonic x?

Tikal is an echidna just like Knuckles

Are there any hedgehogs in sonic x?

Yes 3 of them thier's Sonic Amy and Shadow

Which move is better x-scissors or shadow ball?

shadow ball

Who has a crush on who in Sonic X?

Amy is so simple if sonamy but shadamy is more difficult because we didn’t know if amy likes shadow

Does Amy love shadow?

That last answer was a horrible answer im giveing it to you straight Shadow might like Amy but Amy is obsessed with sonic so that hurts his chances and in sonic x Amy once said "I don't like shadow or rouge" so shadow will probably stay a loner until the end of time sorry.

Who is Shadow X?

Shadow X is Shadow's younger brother and Sonic's older brother.He is 17 years old(17.83000 years old).He befriends and after death marries Amy Rose in the future and have two kids:Storm and Nokia.

Does Sonic like Amy in Sonic X?

um. no. she likes sonic. fan pairings are simply fan pairings-- there is no official Amy x shadow.

Why shadow love Amy?

No, he doesn't only as a friend, same with Amy she's in love with Sonic (this isn't an argument for ShadAmy fans this is just how SEGA has made it Amy and Shadow don't love each other) but sorces say that sometimes amy likes shadow

What is the best sonic couple?

Researching the search engines of DeviantART, Youtube,, Photobucket, Google Search, and the very Sonic Couples poll on a Wikipedia record, the popularity-number goes as followed: Sonic/Amy **Sonic/Sally**(Comics Only) Shadow/Amy Shadow/Rouge Knuckles/Rouge Silver/Blaze Tails/Cream **Tails/Cosmo**(TV Only)