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Q: Who is father of Indian ornithology?
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Who was known as father of Indian ornithology?

A O Hume

Who is father of ornithology?

A.O. Hume was the father of ornithology

What studies birds?

The study of birds is called Ornithology.

When was Journal of Ornithology created?

Journal of Ornithology was created in 1853.

When was The Ornithology of Australia created?

The Ornithology of Australia was created in 1877.

Can you put Ornithology in a sentence?

Yes, I can put Ornithology in a sentence.

What is birds study?

Oology is the study of eggs (all eggs as related to biology) Ornithology is the study of it's gotta be one of those two Oornithology seems like the most balanced answer! but it's not a recognized field of science.

When was Cornell Lab of Ornithology created?

Cornell Lab of Ornithology was created in 1915.

Famous ornithology scientist?

all i need to know is if there is a famouse scientist in ornithology??

When was British Trust for Ornithology created?

British Trust for Ornithology was created in 1932.

Is Mother Teresa's father Indian?

No, her father was not Indian. He was an Albanian as was her mother.

What is the best ornithology book?

Extreme Ornithology: Death From Above, by Sir Patrick McBallsington