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rame gowda

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Q: Who is husband of pooja gandhi?
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When was Pooja Gandhi born?

Pooja Gandhi was born on 1981-10-11.

What movie and television projects has Pooja Gandhi been in?

Pooja Gandhi has: Played Nandini in "Mungaru Male" in 2006. Played Pooja in "Krishna" in 2007. Played Pooja in "Accident" in 2008. Played (Guest Appearance in a song) in "Kaamannana Makkalu" in 2008. Performed in "Afia Megha Abhimanu Omar" in 2010. Played Lisa in "Maad Dad" in 2013.

Who is pooja ghai rawal's husband?

Neeraj Rawal

Who is husband of indira Gandhi?

Firoz Gandhi.

Who is sonia Gandhi's husband?

Rajiv Gandhi

Who is husband of indhira gandhi?

Feroze Gandhi

Who is the husband of Priyanka Gandhi?

Robert Vadra is the husband of Priyanka Gandhi.

Who is miss Pooja's husband?

yo yo honey singh

Are you know Indra Gandhi's husband a Muslim?

no her husband was a parsi , his name was feroz gandhi , he opted gandhi surname for political reasons .

Is feroze gandhi by birth an gandhi?

Yes Feroze Gandhi is a Gandhi, but he is not related to Mahtma Gandhi in anyway , he is the husband of Indira Gandhi.

Indra was daughter of nehru then how she becomes Indra Gandhi?

Gandhi was the surname of Indira Gandhi's husband Feroze Gandhi.

Who was Firoz Gandhi?

Firoz Gandhi was Indira Gandhi's husband.