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the president of India flies the national flag of India at the republic day parade

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Q: Who is lift the National Flag of India in the every year on the republic day of the India at first?
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Who is the first man to get India republic?

who is the leader to get the india republic

First collector of India?

The First Collector of Republic India was Satyendranath Tagore.....

In 1792 the national convention voted to abolish the monarchy and make France into what?

The national convention established the First Republic.

Where was the first library in India?

The National Library of India, Kolkata:

What was the first national animal of India?

The Lion was the first national animal of India. Now, since 1973, the Bengal Tiger is the national animal of India.The Lion was the first national animal of India, till 1973 that is.In April 1973, Project Tiger was started to save the tigers in India. As a consequence, in 1973, the Bengal Tigerwas made the national animal of India.

Who had estimated the national income of India at first?

R.C. Dutt had estimated the national income of India at first...Answer by Ashim Roy Kolkata.

What happen on 1930 republic day on which month and which date this event took place in India?

The first Republic Day occurred on January 26, 1930. That was when the Indian National Congress made the courageous decision to declare independence, asserting that India should have complete freedom from the British Raj.

Who was the first prime mister of India after republic?

Jawaharlal Nehru

Who was the first preident of India before republic?

Rajendra Prasad

Where was the first biggest library in India?

The National Library of India, Kolkata:

Who is the first precident of India?

Rajendra Prasad (1884-1963) was the first President the Republic of India. He held this post from 26 January

Is India a democracy or a republic?

india is a democratic republic or you can say republic democracy a government is made by majority that means minority has little power compared to majority. In republic first representatives are set which are chosen by people. Minority and majority all have their own representatives.which then forms goverment. Minority cannot be ignored in republic as they are also the part of goverment. In india we got both. A government of majority and representatives(as MP and MLA) so india has a well balanced mixture of republic and democratic rules. That is why india is a republic democratic country. India is also called as THE REPUBLIC OF INDIA.