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If it is The Undertaker as in Wrestling, Michael Myers is stronger. If it is The Undertaker as in Black Butler, then The Undertaker is stronger.

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Q: Who is stronger Michael Myers or undertaker?
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Who is stronger Michael Myers or the Undertaker?

The dude before me was completely wrong. Myers is way stronger. don't forget undertaker is a regular human. hes got no mystical powers, only in wwe's crappy storyline. Myers is far stronger then undertaker and kane combined. The idiot before me; go watch all the halloween movies see what myers has been thro and done then come back here and try saying undertakers stronger

Who is stronger Michael Myers or leatherface?

Michael Myers

Is Michael Myers stronger then Christian?

no Christian pwned him

Who is stronger Michael Myers or scream?

chuck norris

Who is stronger the old Michael Myers or the new one?


Why is Michael Myers stronger than Jason vorhees?

because Jason is afraid of water and his mother. Michael isn't afraid anything

Who is stronger the Undertaker or John Cena?


Is the undertaker stronger tha Kane?

(2010) the undertaker is stronger than kane.

Is Michael Myers a girl or boy?

Michael Myers is a man.

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Who is stronger undertaker or john Morrison?


Who would win in a fight Michael or Freddy?

Freddy would win because he can control everything and anything in michael myers' dream and kill him for sure.