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Q: Who is stronger Sasuke or danzo?
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What in danzo secret mission?

Danzo wants to kill sasuke but Sasuke is stronger than him

Is Sasuke's sharingan stronger than danzo's?

Sasuke's sharingan is stronger, he beats Danzo... - Sasuke's sharingan surpasses Danzou olnly because the sharingan is a bloodline limit and danzou does not posses enough chakra to fully use the all of the sharingan , do you want me to explain how danzou obtained so many sharingans ?

Who wins Sasuke or danzo?

Well I'd say Naruto is stronger than Danzo because in manga 499 he learns how to control the kyubi. With that being said, if someone were to be able to control the demon fox back when minato (4th Hokage) was fighting him, minato would not have defeated the fox

Who won between sauske danzo?

Sasuke did because danzo grabed Karin and Sasuke killed them both 8-)

Will Sasuke win danzou?

Yes, Sasuke kills Danzo for revenge.

Who is the last person Sasuke fought?


How did Sasuke broked karins heart?

Danzo shielded himself with Karin attempting to threaten Sasuke but Sasuke cut through Karin to kill Danzo with his lightning sword thingy (forgot the name).

Who would win in a fight danzo or madara?

Danzo's dead.... Madara would have though. I mean, Sasuke won over Danzo...And Madara is probably more powerful than Sasuke for now. So Chaa.

Does Sasuke kill tsunade?

No sasuke doesn't kill Tsunade but Danzo almost killed her.

Why can't Sasuke harm danzo?

because he is stupid

Why did Sasuke not destroy the village?

Sasuke didn't destroy the village because it was already destroyed by Pein. Instead he goes after Danzo *spoiler* Sasuke kills Danzo but he later starts going blind because of all the fighting...

How does Danzo become Hokage?

he doesn't (YAY!!) sasuke killed him.