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sasuke is way stronger than kankuro

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both of them are at the same level

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Q: Who is stronger kankuro or Sasuke?
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Who is stronger Sasuke or danzo?


Who is stronger shikamura or Sasuke?

Sasuke is more stronger than Shikamura but he is smarter

Is Uchiha Sasuke Stronger the Uzamaki Naruto?

Naruto is indeed stronger than sasuke

Who is stronger Sasuke or Naruto in Naruto shippuuden?

Naruto is stronger then Sasuke because in episode 240 until 254 he will obtain kyubi mode that is stronger than Sasuke's susano

What episode does Kanuto summons Sasori?

It's Kankuro, & he uses it against Sasuke in episode 203, I believe

Who is stronger Sasuke or Kakashi?

Kakashi clearly because Kakashi Is His master and he taught him The Chidori and The Sharingan and Orochimaru tought Sasuke some things but Kakashi is stronger than Orochimaru before he died that's why Kakashi IS stronger than Sasuke

Is Rock Lee stronger than Sasuke in the show Naruto?

Rock Lee is stronger than Sasuke for a limited amount of time in the chuunin exams. After that, Sasuke is always much stronger.

Who is stronger then Garaa?


Will Sasuke be stronger then Itachi?

Yes he will.

Does Sasuke like temari as a friend?

Well they don't really even come in contact. The only time they did was when Sasuke threw a stone at Kankuro's head, and then Temari ( in her head ) said Sasuke was a hottie. And when the sand shinobi attacked the leaf village.

What in danzo secret mission?

Danzo wants to kill sasuke but Sasuke is stronger than him

Who is stronger Naruto of Sasuke?

Right now pain would beat sasuke down