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The current Chairman and Managing Director of syndicate bank is Mr. Basant Seth. Mr. Seth became the chairman on 31 August 2009 and would remain in office till February 29, 2012 (This tenure may be extended beyond 2012 as well). Syndicate bank is one of the big public sector banks in India and has more than 1500 branches in many cities in India.

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Mr. Sudhir Kumar Jain is the Chairman & Managing Director of Syndicate Bank from July 8, 2013.

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Q: Who is the Chairman of the Syndicate Bank?
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Who is the present chairman of syndicate Bank?

Madhukant Girdharlal Singhvi

What is the population of Syndicate Bank?

The population of Syndicate Bank is 2,010.

When was Syndicate Bank created?

Syndicate Bank was created in 1925.

How many digits are there in a syndicate bank savings account?

There are 14 digits in a Syndicate bank account.

What is swift code for syndicate bank surat main?

the swift code for syndicate bank surat main is : SYNBINBB036 source :

What is the name of first Indian CBS bank?

It was by syndicate bank ...jayanagar brancch of syndicate became first cbs branch

Syndicate bank Salem town branch ifsc code?

SYNB0006291 is the IFSC of Salem Town Branch of Syndicate Bank

What is the IFSC code for Syndicate bank National games village Koramangala Bangalore?

SYNB0000456 is the IFSC of Syndicate Bank Koramangala branch.

Who is the CEO of Syndicate Bank?

Hi,Pramit Jhaveri is the new Citi Country Officer (CCO) of Citi India. N. Rajashekaran is the Country Business Manager of Citi India's Consumer and Commercial Banking.N.Rajashekaran can be reached at

What is the IFSC code of Syndicate Bank in Tiruchirapalli SR college branch?

SYNB0006365 is the IFSC of Syndicate Bank Tiruchirappalli SR College Branch

What is the IFSC code for Syndicate Bank St Stephens College Delhi?

SYNB0002411 is the IFSC of Syndicate Bank St. Stephen's college branch.

Which bank you get AIEEE 2008 application form in kolkata?

you will get it in syndicate bank