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Q: Who is the author of scramble for Africa?
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What was the race for territory and influence on the African continent called?

the scramble for Africa

Was the scramble of africa a cause of world war 1?

No, the so called scramble for Africa was not a cause of WW1.

Which of the following describes the competition between European powers for colonial territory in Africa?

The scramble for Africa

What has the author Stelios Michalopoulos written?

Stelios Michalopoulos has written: 'The long-run effects of the scramble for Africa'

Which Africa kingdom was not conquered during the Scramble for Africa?


What was the growth of European colonies in Africa called?

The Scramble for Africa.

How does Industrial Revolution influence the scramble partition of Africa?

The Industrial Revolution influenced the scramble partition of Africa by making them loves many of their natives to the american colonies and also by weakening their influence in the mining industry.

What is the scramble for Africa?

The Scramble for Africa was a period during the New Imperialism period where the continent of Africa was invaded occupied and colonized by the major European powers.

What country had the most land in Africa during scramble for Africa?

France had most of northwest Africa, and Madagascar. This territory was acquired between 1684 and 1898, most during the Scramble for Africa (1881-1914).

In what year did the scramble for Africa begin?


What was a result of the scramble for Africa?

Most of Africa came under European control.

What has the author R J Gavin written?

R. J. Gavin has written: 'The scramble for Africa' -- subject(s): Berlin West Africa Conference (1884-1885), History, Sources