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French owned Canada first!

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Q: Who owned Canada First?
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Who owned the first commercial bank in the Bahamas?

Royal bank of canada

What part of Canada i s owned by the french?

Canada is not owned by the french. Non of it is. It isnt owned by England either. Canada is its own country. Not owned by anyone but itself.

Who owned Canada before the us?

The U.S. has never owned Canada.

What is native and positive point?

a native is the first people that cam to Canada. they owned the land first. got this from a book.

Is Canada private or government owned?

Canada is currently owned by the neutral state of Algeria.

Does US own Canada?

Canada is not owned by the USA. Canada is an independent country, and Canada is not owned by anybody, other than Canadians, and never will.

How do you find a property owner in Canada?

Property may be owned in Canada by the people, by government, businesses and native groups. In order to find who owns the property in Canada, one must first find out if it is personally or corporately owned.

Was Northern Electric owned by Bell Canada?

Northern Electric was wholly owned by Bell Canada until 1973

What country owned canada?

France had a number of colonies in Canada from 1534 to 1763. However, Great Britain actually owned Canada from 1763 until Canada's independence in 1867.

Is Greenland owned by Canada?

greenland is owned by them self. Earlier they were a part of Denmark.

When did Canada sell Alaska to US?

Canada didn't sell it to the US; Russia did. Canada owned it first, then Russia, now the US. Russia found it useless and hard to get to because of the water body that separated it from Russia.

Are drug addiction treatment centers in Canada owned by the government?

Drug addiction treatment centers in Canada are ,and are not owned by government. Government owns just a few of them. Most are not owned by the Canadian government.