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Perseus did this.

He was flying by with his winged sandals and he saw Atlas holding up the sky. He felt sorry for Atlas and turned him into stone with Medusa's head. This is supposedly how Mount Atlas came about.

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Q: Who turned the giant atlas to stone?
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What god killed snake haired Medusa and turned the giant Atlas to stone?

The hero Perseus did. He was, however, not a god.

Who killed medusa and turned atlas into stone?


Why was one of Zeus' sons turned to stone?

I cannot remember this. Are you perhaps thinking of Atlas, who was turned to stone by Perseus who showed him Medusas head? Atlas was a Titan, a relative of Zeus but not his son.

Who was the titan that held the heavens on his shoulders who was eventually turned to stone by perseus?


People turned into stone Greek mythology?

Niobe, turned to stone by Apollo and Artemis. Atlas ind Phineus by Perseus brandishing Medusa's head.

Who did Perseus turn into stone with the Gorgon's head?

He didn't - it was Athena who out of pity turned Atlas to stone with Medusa's head to relieve him of holding up the Ouranos or sky from the Earth; he then became the Atlas mountains

How did Perseus turn Atlas to stone?

He took the head of Medusa out of his bad. Anyone you looks at Medusa's face gets turned to stone.

Who was rescued by Perseus?

Atlas-Perseus turned Atlas to stone so he could no longer feel his burden Andromeda-she was being sacraificed to Poseidon's sea monster when Perseus saved her.

What is a good greek legend about mountains?

When Perseus, a Greek hero, took a mosters head and showed it to Atlas, the Titan god who holds up the sky. Atlas took one look at the head and, since it was so ugly, turned to stone. The head was the head of Medusa. Since Atlas was so big he turned into the Atlas mountain range.

Who is the giant who supports heaven on his shoulders?


What famous mountain that is home to the Greek gods?

Its Atlas, in the war between the Titans and the Olympians, Atlas was on the Titans' side, when the Olympians won, Zeus punished all of the Titans. Atlas's punishment was to hold the weight of the (Earth)world. Later on, Perseus turned Atlas into stone using Medusa's head. So, Atlas is now a mountain. <Called Mt. Atlas>

Did Medusa try not to turn people to stone?

Perseus used her severed head to turn Atlas to stone. Later he rescued princess Andromeda from being eaten by a sea monster, which Perseus also turned to stone.