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The first person Bella met on her first day was Eric (in the movie, he comes up to her).

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Q: Who was the first student Bella met?
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How old was Bella when she first met Edward?

she was 101

4 What lesson was Bella in when she first met Edward?

When she saw him, lunch, when they met, biology

Who was Bella's first girlfriend Jessica or Angela in twilight?

it was jessica they met first in the gym

What was the date when Bella met EDWARD?

in the book, January 18th. in a chemistry class the first day of school for Bella

When did Edward and Bella first meet?

Edward and Bella first saw each other in the cafeteria in Twilight but they first met during biology.

What was Edward's first word to Bella in Biology?

Edward didnt talk to Bella in biology until they actually met in the parking lot. actually, Edwards first word was Hello. He said it the second time they met, the week after Edward went to the Denali's in Alaska.

What was bella's problem with edward when they first met?

she thought he didn't like her because of his reaction when he smelled her blood.

In twilight which Cullen knew they would be friends with Bella?

Alice did when she first met bella.Im such a twilight fan.

If Jacob never met Bella would Bella feel the same about edward?

Yes, she met Jacob after Edward and fell in love with Jacob only after Edward and Bella were engaged...

How old was Bella Swan when she first met Edward Cullen?

Bella first sees Edward on Monday, January 19, 2004. (My Birthday!)

Where did Edward and Bella meet?

Bella and Edward met in the cafeteria at Forks High, their High School at Forks.

Who is Bella's friend the she meant on volley ball?

Bella met mike and jessica