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Q: Who were the good children of King David?
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Why was king david a good king?


Who was the mother of king Solomon children?

King David and Bathsheba were the parents of Solomon, who later became king when his father David died.

What did david learn while waiting to become king?

king David waiting to be king learned how to be a good man as king

Was king David a good husband?


Is David a good king?


How many children did jesse king david's father have?


Which of King Saul's children saved David's life?

Jonathan and Michal.

Did King Kal and 257kaua have children?

His children are Jonah Kūhio Kalaniana'ole and David Kawānanakoa are his two boys, those are his children.

Who was the shepherd boy who was good with a sling?

King david

Who is the mother of the son of David?

King David had several children. If you mean the mother of Solomon, it was Bath Sheva who bore him.

Was king David a good person?

Yes David was a good man , but the only thing wrong he did was commit adultery.

How old was Jesse king David's father when he died?

Jesse, the father of King David was the father of at least 7 children. His age was never stated in biblical literature.