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Q: Why did Mae put flapjack crumbs in the table drawer in tuck everlasting?
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What does crumbs mean?

Clear a table

What is the term crumbing down mean?

Using a small table cloth to remove crumbs from the table

What does the term crumbing mean?

It is to remove crumbs from the table. Such as "The waiter crumbed the table."

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What is the proper way to remove crumbs from a table in a fine dining establishment while the customers are still seated?

In a good restaurant the customers should not be seated until the table is cleared with clean utensils, wine glasses; water glasses; napkins, etc. If the tablecloth is badly soiled a new one should be put on and if it is not and there are just a few crumbs then take a slightly damp cloth and gently pull the crumbs towards you either onto a used plate left on the table or cupped in your hand. Once the table is cleared and set up then the customers should be seated and not before.If you are asking about clearing the crumbs between courses, it should be done while clearing plates. If the establishment uses table cloths, a small instrument known as a crumber ( can be used. You gently sweep the crumbs with the tool toward you, and onto a small bread plate. This is often done between courses so that the table looks appetizing again as the next course is presented. If a crumber is not available, you can use your hand or a dry napkin. You should never use a damp cloth on a table cloth, as guests do not want to sit at a wet table.