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Q: Why do rocks with more surface area oxidize more quickly?
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Why do Small rocks weather more quickly then large rocks?

Small rocks weather more quickly than large rocks because their surface area is thinner and it takes more time because there larger

Which kind of surface can radiate heat quickly to the surroundings?

the surfaces with larger surface area radiate heat quickly as compared to those with lower surface area

Why does a pile of small rocks wear away more quickly than a single solid boulder of the same size?

There is more surface area available to attack from the processes of weathering.

What cell has a large surface area to absorb water quickly?


Would steal wool have a reaction when its wet and put into a container?

It might oxidize (rust). Steel wool has a large surface area, far greater than say a sphere of the same weight. More surface area means quicker oxidization.

Does physical weathering increase chemical weathering?

Physical weathering breaks big rocks into little rocks and increases the surface area exposed to chemical agents, such as carbonic acid. The more the surface area, the faster the weathering.

How is surface area important?

Surface area affects several things, such as how quickly an object cools down; the rate of chemical reactions will also depend on the exposed area.

Explain the relationship between cell surface area and volume as a cell grows larger?

As the volume of a cell grows, the surface area grows but not as quickly.

What is the area under the surface where rocks and soil are saturated with water?

The water is much stronger than underneath the surface it has more FORCE!!!!!

What happens to surface area when rocks are broken into smaller pieces?

As a substance is broken, the surface area greatly increases. For example a 2 meter cube has a total surface area of 24 square meters. If a 1 meter cube is cut out of one corner, the total surface area is now 30 square meters.

Does a larger surface area makes diffusion happen more quickly?

yes. Lets for example take a potato cube put in a jar of water. if the potato cube has a large surface area, then more of its surface will be exposed to water molecules, meaning that more can diffuse into it more quickly.

What has a large surface area to help a cell absorb water quickly?

root hair