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she loves him in her own way. if edward were not in her life and it had taken its normal course, she would have been with jacob. (stated in breaking dawn)

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2009-11-23 04:20:23
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Q: Will Bella ever like Jacob
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Does Bella ever sleepwith Jacob?

Not like having sex, no.But in the third book, when Edward, Bella and Jacob are camping, Bella gets cold so she sleeps next to Jacob to keep warm.

Does Jacob ever win Bella?


Was Jacob really ever in love with Bella?


Does Jacob like Bella's baby?

Yes, Jacob does like Bella's baby. In fact, he imprinted on her!

Does Bella get imprinted by Jacob?

No, of course not. Edward and Bella live happily ever after, and Jacob imprints on Renesmee, their daughter.

In what way does Bella like Jacob?

Bella loves Jacob in not a boyfriend and girlfriend way but as in a family way like Jacob is her brother or something like that.

Does Jacob ever get with Bella?

no she is going to marry EDWARD

Does Jacob like Bella in new moon?

yes, Jacob likes Bella in new moon

Does Bella still like Jacob?

Bella does love Jacob but she loves edward more but in breaking dawn when Bella knew that Jacob tricked her into kissing him in eclipse she started not to like him and she knew that he loved renesmee but she knew that Jacob still cared for Bella

Does Bella ever punch Jacob?

YES! in eclipse, Bella punches Jacob after he kissed her. but she broke her hand and didnt hurt him at all.

Does Bella ever kiss Jacob in breaking dawn?

no Bella didn't kiss Jacob in Breaking Dawn coz she marries Edward

Does Bella ever go out with Jacob?

No. Bella's heart is on Edward Cullen. Jacob is Bella's great friend... Even though Jacob and Bella kissed, doesn't mean they will go out. Bella marries Edward and stays with Edward forever. The kiss meant great friendship to Bella. To Jacob it meant love, love, love.

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