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no Bella didn't kiss Jacob in Breaking Dawn coz she marries Edward

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Q: Does Bella ever kiss Jacob in breaking dawn?
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Does Jacob ever get imprinted?

Yes, in Breaking Dawn, Jacob Imprints on Renesmee Cullen - the daughter of Edward and Bella.

Is Bella from twilight breaking dawn ever going to fall in love with Jacob?

Bella loves Jacob, but she will never be in love with him. Bella is not and always will be in love with Edward. Read the books.

Will Bella ever like Jacob?

she loves him in her own way. if edward were not in her life and it had taken its normal course, she would have been with jacob. (stated in breaking dawn)

Does Bella ever become a vampire?

Yes. In Breaking Dawn.

Does edwerd die in twilight breaking dawn part 2?

Nope! Edward, Bella, Renesmee, and Jacob live happily ever after at the end of the book!

Did Bella ever get pregnant?

Yes, In the 4th book, Breaking Dawn

Will they ever make a movie after Breaking Dawn which Jacob Black deserve some happiness?

No movies are planned for after Breaking Dawn. Besides, in Breaking Dawn the book, Jacob is happy. He imprints on Renesmee and is very happy to have her.

Does Jacob ever kiss renesemee in breaking dawn part 2?


Do Edward and Bella ever do it?

They do it in Breaking Dawn, PART 1 and as far as i know they do it 3 times when Bella is a human. On there honeymoon!!!!! They do it more with Bella is turned into a vampire in Breaking Dawn, PART 3 as a human in breaking dawn, 3 times- in part 3 of breaking dawn, like a million of times

Does Bella ever leave edward for Jacob Black?

Sadly, no... but i think Breaking Dawn ends happily... unless ur a JACOB fan.... I'm a jacob/edward fan... so yeah... i thought it was good.

What happens to Jacob in Breaking Dawn?

In twilight breaking dawn first up jacob first of leaves the clan to go and protect bella from being killed from his clan then he starts his own mini clan with leah ans seth clearwater then after that he staysthe cullens whilse bella is pregnant then renesmee is born and jacob inprints in bella then after that he sticks by the cullens that is basically it i could go on for ever hope this ansers the question

Dose Bella have a half werewolf half vapier in eclipse twililight saga?

Bella never has sex with Jacob ever! In Breaking Dawn Edward and Bella have a half vampire half human baby. That is the reason Bella changes into a vampire.

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