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Q: Witch day do you find Drifloon?
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What day do the drifloon come on Pokemon diamond?

You can find Drifloon outside of the Valley Windworks on Fridays.

Where is drifloon in Pokemon pearl?

All day on Friday, Drifloon is at the Valley Windworks.

How to find drifloon?

Drifloon appears at the Valley Windworks every Friday.

How do you find a Drifloon?

You can find a Drifloon by going outside of Valley Windworks. You have to save the little girl's papa. Return on Friday (daytime) and the Drifloon will be standing there. Walk up to it and press A.

Were to find drifloon on Pokemon Pearl?

you have to go to vally windworks on a Friday and drifloon will be standing there

Where is drifloon in Pokémon Diamond?

You can find wild drifloon in front of the Valley Windworks during the daytime on Fridays.

Where do you find driftbloon in diamond?

there is no such thing. its either drifloon or drifblim. drifloon u can find at the wind place next to floaroma town on fridays.

What time do drifloon came to the valley wind works?

Drifloon comes to the Valley Windworks on Thursdays and is there all day long.

Where do you find drifloon in Pokemon dimond?


How do you find drifloon in Pokemon pearl?

to get drifloon, go to floaroma town on Friday and go right until you get to the valley windworks. you should see a drifloon. GOOD LUCK Y'ALL!

How do you find a drofbloom in Pokemon diamond?

Drifloon is only found one day of the week by where you catch pachirisu. I think it is Monday but I forgot.

Where to find a drifloon on Pokemon Pearl?

At the Valley windworks.