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Power amplifiers are use to offer a clean source of power to speakers, making your speakers louder. They do have amps for Guitars though. You would want to look for a guitar amplifier.

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Q: Are power amplifiers also for guitars?
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What are Bad Cat tube amplifiers?

Bad Cat is a brand of music equipment. Their tube amplifiers are for guitars, and can be highly customized. They also carry with them a lifetime warranty.

What effect do amplifiers have on guitars?

They make the music louder

What effect do amplifiers on guitars?

They make the music louder

Do guitars need capacators?

No, a capacator is used in amplifiers.

What does a Peavey do?

Peavey Electronics manufactures both guitars and amplifiers.

Do electric guitars need amplifiers?

no just speakers with right cord

Do electric guitars bought in America work in Britain?

yeah they do , the only concern is the amplifiers plug

When was the first guitar amp invented?

Amplifiers were not originally used for guitars. Therefore, the exact date is unknown. They started being used for guitars in the 1930's.

Why are acoustic guitars hollow?

Electric guitars have amplifiers hooked up to them, and a knob which makes them as loud as the player wants.Acoustic guitars don't; the hollow body acts as a sounding board, making the notes louder.

What has the author Ben Duncan written?

Ben Duncan has written: 'High performance audio power amplifiers' -- subject(s): Audio amplifiers, Power amplifiers

What are fenders?

Fenders are a brand of guitar, they make elctric acoustic and bass guitars as well as amplifiers and effects.

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Steve C. Cripps has written: 'RF power amplifiers for wireless communications' -- subject(s): Amplifiers, Radio frequency, Power amplifiers, Radio frequency Amplifiers

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