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Yes, there are good Karaoke bars and clubs in Seattle, WA. The Dubliner Pub is perhaps the mos popular, but Seattle's Best Karaoke is also well loved.

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2010-03-16 23:20:49
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Q: Are there any good karaoke bars or clubs in Seattle, WA?
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Are there any singles bars in Seattle, WA?

There are a few good singles bars in Seattle. One is The Baltic Room,, at 1207 Pine Street, Seattle. Another is Barca,, at 1510 11th Avenue, Seattle.

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Party Tyme Karaoke is designed for kids.

Who makes a good portable karaoke system for parties?

GPX has a good portable karaoke system that is ideal for parties.

What is a good brand of karaoke equipment to rent for a party?

Sony makes some good Karaoke equipment for parties, with some good built-in speakers.

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