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Yes, they can.

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2010-09-27 09:45:29
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What happens if you have right of way at a four way intersection and you are hit by another car

When entering a bicycle lane to make a right turn within how many feet must you enter the lane before making the turn

Maximum speed limit in California

The speed limit in a business district is

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Q: Can regular police officers pull you over on the freeway in California and give you a speeding ticket it?
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Can regular police officers pull you over on the freeway and give you a speeding ticket it happen to me but is it legal in court?

In short Yes. But since you didn't state where you live, you will need to check your local laws. In Georgia for example (I am a Deputy Sheriff in GA) I can stop people for speeding on the freeway or any road in my jurisdiction that has been approved by the state for me to run radar.

What do military police officers look like?

they look like regular officers in uniform

Can you attend traffic school for citation for driving solo in carpool lane in California?

YES.....the carpool ticket is considered a regular moving violation like a speeding ticket of any other moving violation.

What freeway insurances are availiable?

There is no difference between freeway insurance and any other type of auto insurance. Once you are covered by your regular car insurance, it covers all roads, even freeways.

How much do regular patrol officers get paid?

As much as a SWAT person.

Can mod police officers be made redundant?

Yes Unlike regular police officers they are not Crown Appointees so have normal employment rules.

Are there any forests in California?

yes, there are a few regular forests in California

How did smuggled courts created by the Sugar Act differ from regular courts?

The Smuggled Courts had NO juries it was by officers, but Regular Courts had juries.

Can warrant officers become commissioned?

Technically since 2007 all Warrant Officer's are commissioned. Before that, only CW2's and above were. If you are asking if they can become regular officers, the answer is yes. They just have to meet the same requirements any other person would need to meet. I have known a few Aviation branched Warrant Officers who have gone that route, but I know even more regular Officers who have become Warrant Officers. I am not 100% sure this is true for non-aviation branched Officers, but I would assume it would be.

What is Penalty for 2 speeding tickets under provisional license?

You get the regular points and fines for the speeding tickets, but you have to take a $100 driver safety course and restart your provisional year of driving. If you get a point carrying ticket during the new year of provisional driving, your license will be suspended. So stop speeding.

Will a regular California king mattress fit a California water bed frame?

Yes it will fit.

How long does it take regular mail to get from California to Florida?

For a regular mail to get from California to Florida, it will usually take four days. There are instances where it might take 5 to 7 days.

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