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I Can't Do it Alone

Careless Whisper (Cover)


Colorado Sunrise

D and D

Dance With Me

Déjà vu

Don't Dance

Don't Trust Me

Double Vision

Dragon Backpack


Follow Me Down (feat Neon Hitch)


Hit It Again

Holler til' You Pass Out



House Party

I Can Do Anything

I Know How To Say

I'm Not Coming To Your Party

I'm Not The One

I'm Not Your Boyfriend Baby

Love 2012

My First Kiss (feat Ke$ha)

Neatfreak 47

Ojos of an Eagle






Say 'Dem Up

See You Go


Starstrcukk (feat Katy Perry)

Still Around

Streets of Gold


Touchin' On My

We Are Young

You Don't Love Me Girl

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Starstuckk feat Katy Perry

Don't Trust Me

and My First Kiss feat Ke$ha

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Q: Can you name every 3OH3 song ever written?
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