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I found this site on the internet. Very informative, well worth the read about comfrey and how to kill it plus a lot of very interesting information on the plant.

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Q: Comfrey is taking over your field how do you kill it?
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Can comfrey cure eczema?

Comfrey Symphtum officinale is a very powerful healing agent. It is an astringent, expectorant and emollient. Used external comfrey help promote speedy healing of cuts abrasions and broken skin. As a wash over the area it certainly wouldn't hurt, however it is not the first herb reached for in the treatment of eczema.

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Ammonium sulphamate (Dax "Root-Out")Not organic. To kill comfrey, horseradish and other awkward weeds safely, cut the crowns off just below the surface with a spade and spread about ¼ ounce of ammonium sulphamate on the cut surface of the roots left in the ground. This will destroy them completely, and after about four weeks, the chemical becomes sulphate of ammonia, which is a common chemical fertiliser and washes harmlessly from the soil. It can be used to kill swarms of small comfrey plants where a Rotavator has been used in an attempt to kill comfrey, or where it has been dug out, leaving the soil full of fragments. Stir 1 lb of the white crystals into a gallon of water and apply with a rosed can over a 10 foot square area. In eight weeks any crop can be sown or planted after it. It is never poisonous to birds or pets, and it produces an increase in the worm population after use.

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