Do you speak tagalog

Updated: 10/25/2022
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  • How old are you? - Ilang taon ka na?
  • What is your name? - Ano ang pangalan mo?
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Q: Do you speak tagalog
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What is the Tagalog of oh by girl's generation?

Tagalog translation of OH BY GIRL'S GENERATION: Ow, sa henerasyon ng kababaihan

What is an example of a Tagalog song?

theres a lot of tagalog song like pangarap ko ang ibigin ka its one of my favorite songs,sang by Sarah Geronimo

Is Lady Gaga filipino cause cause gaga means b in filipino?

No. She is of Italian descent. Think Little Italy in New York. A) Filipino is not a language. They speak Tagalog and other dialects. B) No, as said above Lady Gaga is Italian AMerican. Filipino is a language, because when you ask someone if they speak a language they would say what they speak, and when you ask Filipinos what language they speak they will tell you they speak Filipino. Yes their maybe 700 different dialects but Filipino is the name of the language we speak, same goes for Spanish, their are so many different types of Spanish. Don't even dare to tell me that i am wrong, because i am a Filipino- American, and there is a such thing. Even though i was born here in the United States, i have been to the Philippines, so unless you've been there and you speak the language don't correct any one about the Filipino language, because you don't know nothing about it. I know you said not to dare tell you you're wrong but, alas, you're wrong. The confusion seems to be between languages and dialects (subdivisions of languages). There are around a dozen actual languages (which fulfil the linguistic definition) in the Philippines and nearly two hundred dialects. I've rarely heard a Filipino say they speak Filipino unless they speak Tagalog (the main language of the Philippines and often referred to as 'Filipino' by the Manila government). The poster may have Filipino blood and have 'been there' but some of us are full blooded and live there.

What is the meaning of santa Clara folk song?


Examples of lyrics for a jingle contest?

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