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In this work, a Pneumatic Nozzle Flapper is

built and simulated. This device is used to

stimulate a mechanical force that is applied at

the same time to an array of cantilevers that

needs to be pushed mechanically. A thermal

microactuator functions as a flapper for the

pneumatic system allowing same amount of

force to be applied at the same time to all

cantilevers. Simulation shows that the idea is

feasible and can work at the micro scale.

Finite Element Analysis is provided for the

pneumatic structure and the electrothermal


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This will depend on the model that you are using. You can put them together using the pictures in the manual.

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Q: Flapper and nozzle arrangement
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A device subject to US patent US2917063 A. a flapper and. nozzle arrangement of a pneumatically operated mechanism.

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Before going into the calibration process, it is important to understand the design of a positioner assembly. The following pointers will help you understand it better. The positioner assembly of a control valve consists of a flapper-nozzle, cam linkage, summing beam, and spring and a diaphragm interlinked together with the help of mechanical linkages. The summing beam is connected between the cam-spring linkage and the bellow. The action of cam-spring is directed by the pressure applied by the flapper-nozzle, which eventually triggers the motion of the summing beam. The diaphragm displays the applied and exerting pressure on/by the flapper assembly.

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