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there is few options

1. record vehicle vin number and bring proof of ownership to dealer.

2. locksmith 866-269-5522 they work all over usa they called total bay locksmith good pricing as well. this website offer 24/7 key codes accuses to car owner who register. free registration

4. get the code from car key codes and then call a locksmith then you save at list $50-$100 per key.

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2011-11-26 04:58:25
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Q: How can you find out the key code for your car if you lost it?
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You lost the keys to your car and you can't find the key code where it should be you have a 1990 maxima?

nissan dealership will have code and can make new key based on vin.

How do you find lost car key?

look for it

How do you find a lost car key?

Go to auto lock

Why does your car turn off automatically after started?

We have a 2000 and lost the keys, had new ones made. Apparently there is a code inside the key and your car wont stay on if they key doesnt have the code. so if you just got a replacement key that might be the problem

Where is the key code for the ignition key?

The key code for an ignition key is different for each make and model of car. The thing to do is contact the dealership or a locksmith to find the correct key code for the make and model of the vehicle in question.

How can you find out the key code for your car if you lost it and the dealer does not have it?

There is several ways to do that. The most easiest is to probably go online and type in the information of the car as in its model and all that. It will be a price of course to get a new one though...

Lost key where on the internet can you find 1999 jeep key codes?

any jeep dealer can find the code after 1992 you need the vin number

If you lost the only key to your car will the dealer get another if you give them the year make and model?

If you have the key number code and can prove that the car is yours then yes. It is always better to try to go to the selling dealer. Some car companies will give you a REAL hard time if you do not have the key code.

Where can i find the key code and resistance value of a 1989 camaro rs. lost only key i have?

the dealer can tell your resistance code from the VIN. but with no key to make a copy from, you might have to replace the tumbler then get a key copied.

How do you do when lost a key for Ford Falcon 1996 Gli model?

Take your VIN number to the dealer and they will give you the key code for the car (have to prove ownership) then they will order a blank key, which you take to a specialist locksmith, give them the code and they will cut the key.

You lost your key code for company of heros gold?

Lost code to company of heros for pc

Where can you find the installation code for command and concuer the first decade?

You will find it on the CD packaging. If you have lost your key then you should contact the software publisher.

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